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Legal Notice

These terms govern your access to and use of (referred to as the "website"). Where specific products or services are made available to you by the website, additional terms may apply.


Before using the website you should read and agree to these terms and conditions of use. By using the website you are agreeing to be legally bound by these terms. If you do not agree, you should not use the website.


This website is owned and operated by Insol Limited.

Place of Operations

Insol Limited controls and maintains this website from Cyprus.


Insol Limited may change these terms and conditions of use at any time without notice. Changes will be posted under “Legal Notice”. Your use of the website after any changes have been posted will constitute your agreement to the modified terms and conditions of use and all of the changes. Accordingly, you should read these terms and conditions of use from time to time to ensure you are aware of the latest changes.


Insol Limited will use reasonable efforts to provide accurate and up to date information on this website. This information is for general guidance on matters of interest only. The application and impact of this information can vary widely based on the specific facts involved. Given the changing nature of laws, rules and regulations, and the inherent hazards of electronic communication, there may be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in information contained in this website. All information on this website is provided "as is".

It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any opinions, advice, services or other information provided. All information contained on any page set up by Insol Limited is distributed with the understanding that the authors, publishers and distributors are not rendering legal, accounting or other professional advice or opinions on specific facts or matters and accordingly assume no liability whatsoever in connection with its use. You should consult your own advisors with respect to your personal situation.


Whilst Insol Limited takes reasonable steps to ensure its websites are accessible; we make no guarantee of availability will not be held liable for any losses due to their unavailability.

Intellectual Property

All rights (including copyrights, trademarks, design right, database right as well as any other intellectual property rights in all text, images, graphics, logos, sound, software and other materials on this website are owned by Insol Limited or are included with permission of the relevant owner.

You are permitted to access and use this website for personal, noncommercial use only. You may not copy, download, (re)publish, distribute, modify, post, exploit, transmit or reproduce any of the information contained on this website in any form or by any means including but not limited to electronic, mechanical photocopying or recording without the prior written consent of Inssol Limited or the relevant owner. You agree that the material and content contained within or provided by Insol Limited on this website may be printed out and/or downloaded for your own personal use only but may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed commercially.


Insol Limited takes reasonable steps to safeguard the security of any information you input or send to Insol Limited in connection with this website by using secure services and encryption technology where Insol Limited deems appropriate, such as access to secure areas of the website. However, you acknowledge that transmission of information via the internet (unless encrypted) is inherently insecure and Insol Limited makes no warranty that the website is error, bug or virus free. You should take reasonable precautions, such as using up to date antivirus software to protect your device. Insol Limited accepts no responsibility for any damages that you may suffer as a result of damage to or the loss of confidentiality of your information. Insol Limited excludes all liability for contamination or damage caused by virus or electronic transmission.

Disclaimer, no warranties and exclusion of liability

Insol Limited disclaims any representations or warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose of (including but not limited to) any information contained on or provided via this website and/or any service described or promoted on this website, including warranties with respect to infringement of any patent, copyright, or other rights of third parties.

Insol Limited shall not be liable for any injury, loss, damage or expense arising out of any access to, or use of, this website or any site linked to or from, including, without limitation, any loss of profit, indirect, incidental or consequential loss. Insol Limited shall not be liable for persons, property damage or especially direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, immediate or subsequent (pecuniary) loss.

While Insol Limited has used reasonable efforts in maintaining a virus-free website, it declines any liability for persons, property damage or especially direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, immediate or subsequent (pecuniary) loss which may result from transmission or downloading of computer viruses. Insol Limited cannot be held liable for hardware damage, loss of data, alteration of data, or downtime.

Indemnity & injunction

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Insol Limited and all of its respective officers, directors, employees, shareholders, legal representatives, agents, successors and assigns, from and against any damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ and professionals' fees and court costs) arising out of any third party claims based on or related to your use of the website or any breach by you of these terms and conditions of use.

You agree that damages may not be an adequate remedy for the breach of these terms and conditions of use or the infringement of any of our rights and accordingly agree that we are entitled to injunctions, specific performance, and/or orders to deliver up documents.


If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be illegal or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of these terms and conditions. Any term or condition that is invalid or unenforceable is, in this case, to be understood as such that its intended purpose is still fulfilled as far as possible.

Third party sites

This website may contain hypertext or other computer links to websites operated by persons other than Insol Limited. Such hyperlinks are provided for your reference and convenience only, the responsibility for the operation and content of those websites rests solely with the organisation controlling that site which shall be governed by separate terms of use. Insol Limited shall have no liability to you or any other person or entity for the use of third party websites.

A hyperlink from this website to another website does not imply or mean that Insol Limited endorses the content on that website or the operator or operations of that site. You are solely responsible for determining the extent to which you may use any content at any other websites to which you link from this website. Insol Limited assumes no responsibility for the use of third party software on the website and shall have no liability whatsoever to any person or entity for the security, accuracy or completeness of any outcome generated by such software.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

By accessing this website you agree that the laws of Cyprus shall apply to all matters arising from or relating to the use and contents of this website or information provided to you via this website. You also agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction in first instance of the District Court of Nicosia, Cyprus with respect to such.

Applicable Third Party T&Cs

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Cookies and Privacy Policy 

INSOL is committed to protecting you and your personal information when you are using our services. We want our services to safe and enjoyable environments for our users. This Privacy Policy is relevant to our use of any personal information you provide to us during your visit to our site. Cookies are required to enjoy full functionality of our site, read the section below.
INSOL  seeks to follow the industry's best practices concerning personal information handling.
The website contains hyperlinks to external resources, hosted and operated by third parties. These parties have their own privacy policies, including cookies, and we urge you to review them carefully. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the handling of your personal information when visiting these external resources; your use of those third party resources and/or websites is your own responsibility.
We also use third-party service and content providers (such as Google Analytics) who may collect their own set of personal information. Since these are third parties, the information collected by them is not governed by this Privacy Statement. Take a look at the Cookies section towards the bottom of this document for more information.
Personal information collected
Whenever you register for our members-only services, for example using our forum or registering for our newsletter, we may ask personal information about you. This can consist of such information as your name, e-mail, website address, gender, etc. By entering the information in the fields requested you enable INSOL to provide you with the services you select.
We record your IP address as part of the unconditional logging our web server software does whenever anybody accesses our site. The collected IP addresses remain on record for at least a year, but they will be not shared with third parties.
This website is also using "cookies" to enhance user experience. Please read the relevant chapter to find out more about our use of cookies.
Use of collected information
INSOL will NOT sell, rent or otherwise willingly transmit the recorded personal information to any third party. Your privacy is important to us and we will not even offer aggregate information resulting from personal information processing to any part outside INSOL. We only use the recorded personal information for:

  • service administration purposes, e.g. sending you password reminders, registration confirmations, billing services etc.;
  • to contact you regarding new content added on our website, e.g. new forum posts, if you have opted in for this sort of communication;
  • to personalize your experience, through the storage of your preferences in cookies and/or our site's database;
  • analyze the use of our website and improve its usability;
  • IP addresses may be used to identify the location of users, the number of visits from different cities / territories / countries or filter
    and block inappropriate use.

If INSOL wishes to use the recorded personal information for other uses, it will notify you beforehand so that you have the chance to opt-out from these new uses.

When we contact you

We only contact you if you have explicitly opted-in for such communication through the use of our services, mainly our newsletter.

Any update information which you may have received in your inbox are the result of you previously subscribed to our opt-in services.

These forms of contact are conducted by automated software running on our server. You always have the chance to opt-out from such communication. INSOL will never send unsolicited email messages ("spam") or allow third parties access to our users and contacts database.

We may also directly contact you - manually sending out emails, as opposed to automatic email sending outlined above - under special circumstances such as:

  • Suspecting that your account is compromised by an unauthorized third party
  • Before, during or after server-related incidents which may seriously hamper your ability to use our services
  • In case you have crossed the line of fair use of our services
  • If you have so asked us with an email, ticket, personal message, instant message, Twitter message or any other form of personal or electronic contact.

Contact for marketing purposes

We do not send unsolicited email messages for marketing purposes. Subscription to our newsletter follows the industry standard rules for opt-in newsletters. This means that you have to confirm your subscription, making sure that no thrid party can subscribe you against your will, and that you can opt-out of the newsletter at any time.

Information sharing with third parties

Information collected by INSOL will not be shared with any third parties. Not in their raw form, not in a processed or aggregate form. We do not share personal information with third parties.

Important note: Please review the section on cookies, as we employ third-party service/content providers. These providers collect their own set of personal information, governed by their own privacy statements.

Exceptions to this rule will be clearly stated and will only be part of a special offer campaign. For instance, we may launch a campaign offering subscriptions to third party services for free or with a discount. If we are to collect and share your personal information you will be informed before opting in to that campaign.

Privacy policy for minors

If you are considered a minor in your jurisdiction (for example, people under 18 years of age) you must get your parent's/guardian's permission before submitting any content or personal information to INSOL. If you or your parent/guardian believes beyond doubt that such information have been submitted in violation of the above term, you may submit to us relevant proof so that we can remove the offending information from our website and records.

Duration of personal information retainment

Notwithstanding any aforementioned cases of explicit information removal, your personal information may be stored in our servers for an indefinite period of time, no less than the duration of your account's existence or 1 calendar year, whichever is more.

Use of cookies

What is a cookie? A cookie is a brief amount of data, usually containing a unique identifier, sent to your browser software from a website and recorded on your computer's permanent storage. Each website may set one or several such cookies on your computer, but your browser will only allow a website to access the cookie(s) it has set and deny access to other websites' cookies.

Cookies record information about your preferences and allow us to customize your experience. They are also used for handling user authentication in the members-only areas of a website. Users have the option to be forewarned before accepting a cookie, review cookies already stored on their computer's permanent storage and even delete them if so required. These options are given to you by your web browser software. Each web browser handles these features in a different way, so you have to consult your web browser's help / user guide / manual to learn more about this.

How cookies are used on INSOL? INSOL uses cookies to track your preferences regarding our site's features, including the account login feature. We also use cookies to authenticate you to members-only features. If you block INSOL's cookies you may not be able to use our members-only features as a consequence. Moreover, in order to ensure your security, INSOL pages perform so-called "token checks", making it impossible for automated software ("bots") to send unsolicited messages ("spam") to our services. In order to do so, we have to send your browser a cookie. If you opt out of this site's cookie, then our services shall not work properly. This is a technical limitation which can not be overcome.

Third-party cookies. INSOL employs the services of third-party services and content provides. Most notably we use Google Analytics to track website usage. Each of these services sets its own cookies. INSOL doesn't have direct access to those cookies and the use of those third-part cookies is governed solely by the respective service/content provider's Privacy Statement. For more information you may consult the following resources:

  • Google privacy center. Information on use of cookies by Google AdSense and Google Analytics, as well as information from opting-out of the collection
    of such information.

How to block cookies.

Unfortunately to block or/and delete cookies depends on the browser you use. You can learn more by a Google search "How to block cookies" and look for details relevant to the browser you are using.

Contact information

If you have any question regarding our privacy policy you may contact us by one of the following means:

  • Sending an email to info at this domain name
  • Alternatively, you can use the "About-Contact" link on the top of every page of this site.

We use cookies to improve our website and your experience when using it. Cookies used for the essential operation of this site have already been set. To continue please accept our Privacy and Legal Notice. To find out more about the cookies we use and how to delete them, see our privacy policy.

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